Nine Tamarind Tamarind(seedless) with Sugar

Nine Tamarind Tamarind(seedless) with Sugar



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NINE TAMARIND TAMARIND(SEEDLESS) WITH SUGAR. Delicious, easy to eat. Use sweet little sugar. 

Product descriptions Department of Packaging Industry Promotion OTOP (ONE TAMBON ONE PRODUCT : OTOP) Certified Halal Trademark thai food Shell Chuan Chim Culinary Hallmark Nine Tamarind is committed to product development and innovation in tamarind. that takes into account environmental responsibility and in accordance with the way of life of the community for long-term sustainability Ingredients used: Sri Chom Phu Tamarind which is characterized by It is a cultivar with straight sheaths. The peel is quite thin, easy to break, the flesh is thick, soft, sweet and sour taste is popular in the market. Therefore, this tamarind variety is processed into dried tamarind, peeled, seeded, seedless dried tamarind (Natural Sweet). Pack size: 150 grams •
It is 100% Sri Chompoo tamarind pulp • Fresh from the farm • Natural sweet taste • do not use preservatives Received the sign • D.O. No. 67-2-01249-2-0001• Halal No. Gor Tor. 51 b940 001 09 54 • Department of Industrial Promotion, Packaging Design • OTOP 5 stars • Shell Chuan Tamarind • Thai Food • GMP• HACCP Benefits of Tamarind Tamarind helps strengthen the body's immune system with anti-oxidants.
Help nourish the skin to shine bright with vitamin C from tamarind.
Helps to slow down the aging and aging of the skin.
Calcium from tamarind will help maintain strong bones and teeth.
Tamarind contains iron. which contributes to the formation of blood cells

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